Optimum health can’t be accomplished by focusing on just any one of these.

We encourage our clients to work hard, eat smart and play often. But, this effort isn’t meant to get you on stage in a bathing suit and a spray-on tan to break weight-lifting records, or win an Iron-Man…unless, of course, that’s your gig. Our goal is to have you function your very best in ‘every day’. Working, cooking, shuttling, diaper-changing, weekend-warrioring, and unconditional loving…all require us to be at the top of our game.

Most people in our society do not physically struggle enough to obtain a foundational or basic level of strength. Foundational Strength is necessary for staving off disease and chronic pain but more importantly it improves the quality of our lives providing us with pride, confidence and vitality.

We only strength train once per week. Yep, you read that right.

Our approach is actually directly in line with how the human body naturally responds to stress. If once per week is sufficient, then why train more often?

Our service complements your life.

Getting your strength training needs met so efficiently means more of your time can be devoted to everything else that contributes to your robust good health.
Our program is designed to develop your foundational strength.

We’re not lifting weights, we’re training muscles.

We pride ourselves in making the most intense (and therefore productive) techniques feasible for virtually everyone. We do this by teaching how to train slowly and with awareness.

Everyone feels welcome here.

“Gym Culture” can be pretty off-putting to anyone who doesn’t consider themselves a gym rat.
At Horizon Line, the only requirement is the desire to improve one’s self.

At Horizon Line we orchestrate one experience per week that will be intense enough to induce a profound change but still safe enough that you look forward to your next session.

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