Horizon Line Personal Training Strength is one aspect of fitness and is a response to struggle. In our society most people do not physically struggle enough to obtain a basic or foundational level of strength. Foundational Strength is necessary for staving off disease and chronic pain but more importantly it improves the quality of our lives providing us with pride, confidence and vitality.

Our program is designed to meet our clients wherever they are on the spectrum of strength and then to develop and keep them strong. •This is achieved by performing one full body training session per week.

•Sessions are 30 minutes. [scheduled on the half hour and last from 15-25 minutes per week].

•With 5-7 days between sessions our clients are provided with adequate time to recover from the workout and then adapt becoming stronger.

•This low frequency and minimal time commitment free up valuable time for other more pleasurable activities.

•This weekly investment in one’s health can be a catalyst for greater changes that lead to a more rewarding life. In addition to strength training, we recommend incorporating:

•daily movement- walking, biking, swimming, skiing, boating, climbing- it’s Bend right!

•a regular flexibility program- yoga, pilates, stretching, martial arts

•smart eating- our understanding of healthy eating is always evolving- drinking water and eating fresh food daily build a solid foundation.