Our Trainers

Sara Engum

Co-Owner, Trainer

I’m stronger now at 40 than I was at 30. Strength training has given me the physical strength and belief in myself to explore both outdoor adventures like mountain biking and whitewater kayaking and professional development by representing our company in the BNI Wildfire Networking Group- none of which I would have guessed I would do ten years ago when I started training. READ MORE…


James Engum

Founder, Co-Owner, Trainer

High Intensity Training changed my life. This is because my first HIT workout was a second interview for a job as a trainer. It was fortunate for me that the opportunity lit my fire on so many levels. All at once, HIT represented a job opportunity, an intellectual challenge, and a vehicle for personal development that continues to evolve to this day. READ MORE…


Dave Eveland

Co-Owner, Trainer

After years of playing and working hard I’ve learned the importance of maintaining a strong and capable body. I delight in the opportunity to help my clients to create a higher quality of life for themselves.

Janaya Eveland


 I am the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been. I feel capable of taking care of my physical needs and I’m able to put my strength to use by helping others with physical tasks. However the most significant ways that training has improved my life is the bravery I’ve cultivated and the fortitude I’ve developed. Since I started training here (in 2012) I’ve transformed into a strong & brave badass.


Patrick Ramirez


I am grateful for the opportunity to encourage others to push well beyond what they may have considered possible.

Having access to the best equipment and knowledgeable, supportive trainers deepens my knowledge of body mechanics as well as overall self awareness and focus through regularly driving toward that ultimate edge.



Brenda Allen


As my friends can attest I REALLY believe in this training method. I believe in it so much most of my friends have tried it over the years and like me have become hooked.  Knowing you have the strength to make it to the top of mountain bike trail, play in the awesome powder all winter or just running up and down the stairs makes the hard work so worth it.