“We are a long-term solution to a lifelong problem.”

– Dave Eveland, Co-Founder

Our Commitment

We will listen and hear you. High Intensity Training is serious business. We have created a warm and friendly environment and approach, but make no mistake, we are not your typical “boutique fitness studio.” It takes focus and attention to detail to get everything right and hit the mark, without overdoing it. It means we need to communicate and be real about it. Your trainer will seek a thorough understanding of your body and mind, and how this training fits into your life. We can then tailor the experience according to your particular needs, and the ups and downs of life.

Your Commitment

We need you to be real. This means being real about your self-care, and your readiness for the experience. It means being real about your dietary habits and sleep patterns if we are going to talk about it. It means being real about the experience you are having; learning and knowing the difference between pain and discomfort. It means being vulnerable enough to truly explore your edge—because that is where all the magic happens. All of this is easier said than done.

The Results

A Leaner Body. Effectively stimulating muscular development means improved body composition [body fat vs. muscle]. More muscle means burning more calories at rest, making weight management much easier. Muscle also gives us shape, as fat is shapeless. 

Stronger Bones. Just like muscles, resistance training applies a productive stress to skeletal tissues, stimulating them to grow stronger. Particularly as we age, we need productive stress to slow or halt the loss of bone density. It could be the difference between getting a bruise and breaking a bone in a typical slip and fall on the ice.

Greater Strength and Endurance. More efficient muscles mean less effort in all things physical, which means you have stamina. Imagine never straining yourself in your normal daily activities. Having extra strength is like having turbo on your car. Do you really need it? Maybe not, but it sure is nice.

Improved Libido. Two reasons: First, simply feeling better about yourself makes it easier to enjoy yourself. Second, as you become healthier and stronger, things just work better… Eat your heart out, little blue pill!

Character Development. Training is hard. It requires the development and direction of your will, and that changes you. After all, if it were easy, everyone would do it and everyone would be super-fit. We admire beauty and fitness because it is elusive. The effort of changing yourself physically provides lessons that are transferrable to other facets of your life. Training makes the whole person stronger.

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