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Sara Engum Co-Owner, Trainer I’m stronger now at 40 than I was at 30. Strength training has given me the physical strength and belief in myself to explore both outdoor adventures like mountain biking and whitewater kayaking and professional development by representing our company in the BNI Wildfire Networking Group- none of which I would have […]

Prioritize Rest

This week we’re on vacation and fittingly, our second recommendation for a healthful and joyful life is to prioritize rest. To keep this topic simple, we’ll divide this recommendation into 2 parts: Getting quality, restful sleep. Restorative practices that help recovery from training and… life. First, regarding sleep- we’re not going to tell you a […]

13 Recommendations to Enhance Your Quality of Life: Introduction

Greetings, clients and friends. We are often asked, “what else can I do during the week?” and “what are your thoughts on this diet?” and “how can I be the healthiest I’ve ever been?” and “what are the key ingredients to optimized health?” We’ve come up with a list of recommendations— 13 to be exact— […]