More about founder, James Engum

“High Intensity Training changed my life. This is because my first HIT workout was a second interview for a job as a trainer. It was fortunate for me that the opportunity lit my fire on so many levels. All at once, HIT represented a job opportunity, an intellectual challenge, and a vehicle for personal development that continues to evolve to this day.

The early part of my career was what I refer to as the “research and development days” when we were trying out all the ways to tweak the variables so that “one set to failure” could deliver all the stimulation we need. I was standing on the shoulders of guys like Arthur Jones, Mike Mentzer, Eliington Darden, Drew Baye, and most importantly, my mentor, Steve Schaffer; each of them seeing the logic and reason behind HIT principles, and each of them willing to go against the mainstream.

Now, over 14 years later, the systems are well established, and as they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” I know this stuff works. Training clients is still fun after all these years because of where the variance lies between people. It is not in our bodies. While yes, we come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, for the most part, when you put us under load, our bodies respond in very much the same way. It’s like clockwork. Where it gets interesting is to see how each individual’s mind and their personality are going to respond to the demands of threshold training.

Here, at the present stage, I get to teach others how to deliver this experience. This adds yet another variable to the equation: The Trainers. Though the program is well developed and systematic, the trainers will always bring unique perspective and style. I like watching this play out. It is rewarding to me to see both trainers and clients making good use of the program.