About this Practice

This practice is not about more weight, more reps, or even more time. It is about creating the necessary conditions to shed away our own limits, which are found within us! not the weights, reps, or time. The straightest path to the edge- that threshold of failure- is the wisest approach; but it flies in the face of everything our culture tells us about success. It is mastering self immolation so that you rise from your own ashes.

We are all born with innate traits, strengths & weaknesses, talents, abilities or disabilities; but it is the particular challenges of our lives that help us shape ourselves into our potential.

Struggle is inevitable in life. By practicing, we develop “grace under fire.” That is, we become more adept at remaining focused and composed in times of struggle. “Resist the load, not the experience”

When you find the Edge- that line between the present and potential- you can learn to dance in that space- present to the moment, choosing between struggle and ease. By practicing we develop the skill to do both and the wisdom to know which to choose.

Mindfulness- We must eat. some food choices will raise our vitality and other will diminish our vitality. through practice we see this dynamic all around us and develop presence and intention.

Play represents the culmination and expression of strength. Balance and mindfulness. Play is the opportunity to choose challenges that are meaningful creative expressions of who we are. It is how we practice Joy.

Our Service is rendered in the form of Challenges that require Presence and offer as opportunity to develop Courage. When we embrace struggle, we stop resisting the experience and instead, surrender to it so that we might receive the results of new abilities. When we practice Balance, we become skilled at recognizing and accepting our present condition so that we have the wisdomm to know when to push ourselves and when to nurture ourselves. When we practice Accountability we learn to stop reliving the history of our lives and instead drive our own personal narrative into the future.

We are not lifting weights. We are training mind & body to become stronger. To do that in a weekly 30 minute session, we are using highly advanced protocols to push the edge. Avoiding injury while pushing the edge requires unwavering commitment to technique while fatigue & discomfort pile up and distract you from the goal…complete exhaustion. Learning to focus under conditions of such acute duress makes this much more than a workout. It is a mindfulness practice delivering strength beyond strength.  -James