13 Recommendations to Enhance Your Quality of Life: Introduction

Greetings, clients and friends. We are often asked, “what else can I do during the week?” and “what are your thoughts on this diet?” and “how can I be the healthiest I’ve ever been?” and “what are the key ingredients to optimized health?”

We’ve come up with a list of recommendations— 13 to be exact— for a strong mind and body; for a healthy and joyful life. It may sound like a grand suggestion, that we strength trainers at Horizon Line have come up with a list of recommendations to improve one’s vitality. But we have; we’ve been thinking about and learning about and pursing strength and vitality for decades (collectively and individually) and we’re confident our recommendations will support your robust good health.

Over the next 13 weeks, you’ll receive a weekly email introducing each recommendation for your optimized well-being. We’ll also support each recommendation with scientific literature and provide a few actionable steps to implement the recommendations into your life. Additionally, we’ll share content to support the recommendations on our Horizon Line Facebook page, so if you use Facebook, be sure to “Like” our page (https://www.facebook.com/HorizonLineBend/) and under “Following,” select “See First.”

We hope you’ll learn something new and be inspired and motivated on the continual path to your healthiest self. Let’s get started.