What We Do What Makes Us Different


Horizon Line Personal Training in Bend, OR., by John Hammarley from John hammarley on Vimeo.

The most prominent difference between us and our competitors is the fact that we only strength train once per week. This is not  a gimmick. It is in line with how the human body responds to stress. Think of exercise as a drug. The aim is to find the Minimum Effective Dosage (MED). If once per week is sufficient, why train more often?

Arthur Jones, the inventor of Nautilus exercise equipment said it best:

"Instead of trying to figure out how much exercise we can tolerate,
we should be trying to figure out how little we require."

Approachability. High Intensity Training is for anyone. "Gym culture" can be pretty off-putting to anyone that doesn't consider themselves a gym rat or ironhead. At Horizon Line the only requirement is the desire to improve one's self. It is the one common denominator among all the clients and trainers alike. 

Technique. Most systems that emphasize intensity are impossible for deconditioned individuals, or those with old injuries or other limitations. We pride ourselves in making even the most intense (and therefore productive) techniques approachable for almost everyone. You need not already be in great shape to do this.

Balance. We are not proposing to be the be-all-end-all to anyone's fitness regimen. Rather, we offer our service as a compliment and catalyst for your other efforts. Getting your strength training needs met so efficiently means more time that can be devoted to other pursuits. We can get to know you and your individual needs and design the workout to remain in balance with the rest of your life.