Trainer - Janaya Trainer

JANAYA EVELAND - 541.610.3718


Janaya “gets it." Her greatest qualification is that she knows the value of pursuing one’s potential. In her own life, she has known the perils of unconscious living and self-abuse, and made the choice to live differently. She was well on this path when we met, and has since gobbled up everything we have to offer her in her pursuit of strength, health, happiness, and effectiveness.

She has experienced the physical aspect of the training as her body has changed in shape and function. She has challenged our socially prescribed concept of health and beauty as a woman, and has proven that mindfulness and self-love - not deprivation and self-loathing - are the keys to taking control of our bodies.

On the nutritional front, her strength lies in her inquisitive nature. Food is the most ubiquitous and abused “drug” in our society. This makes the subject of nutrition a powerful place for self-examination, change and empowerment. She recognizes this and is enthusiastic about sharing her ongoing discoveries.

Janaya has also embraced our "Play Often" philosophy, and charges into the world with an open heart, ready to soak up the beauty and wonder to be found when we use our bodies to explore the world. I’ve been with her in our kayaks, sitting in an eddy and looking at a horizon line, contemplating the drop. I’ve seen her muster her courage, paddle into the current and charge the line, eyes ablaze.

She is an asset to all her relations because she wants all of these things for everyone. It is for all these reasons that I am very happy to have her on our team.

- James Engum, Co-Owner