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I was introduced to High Intensity Training in the summer of 2003, when I was fortunate enough to become a pupil of Steve Schaffer at The Firm, who had been successfully using this method with a broad range of individuals for years. This led to a revolution in thinking that continues to this day. Now I am proud to carry his torch here in Central Oregon.

My greatest strength as a trainer is that I love to “geek-out” on the details. I have developed a strong working knowledge around what we do for people, how it works and how best to apply it to just about anyone.

I developed our nutritional philosophy by seeking answers for myself, once and for all. With enough research and redundancy, I believe that I have arrived at a simple but powerful set of rules to live by that empower individuals to take control of their minds and bodies. Turns out, it’s not that complicated but you do have to work at it.

I was rather late in discovering what I now consider a fitness lifestyle. Being fit means being capable and ready to go out into the world and explore, adventure and play. This epiphany came to me after a day of rock climbing when I realized that nothing we do in a gym, no workout in the world, could produce the euphoria that I was feeling. There was no turning back. Now I believe that “exercise” is a waste of time...we need to Pl

- James Engum, Co-Owner