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DAVE EVELAND - 541.610.3591


When I met Dave, he was in the midst of a personal transformation. He had made up his mind to leave behind a turbulent adolescence and make himself into the man he wants to be. We all grow, but directing your own growth is another thing entirely.

Dave joined the team of trainers at Living Fitness in 2008 and has been a valuable collaborator ever since. His biggest contribution is Play Often. This is the lifestyle piece of our philosophy and it is critical

I speak from experience when I say that Dave enjoys challenging people for the sake of their personal growth. I’ve been led on a number of thrilling adventures toward that end. At the same time, he is diligent in seeing to your safety as a primary consideration. His training style reflects this passion.

Mastering your nutrition is an exercise in mindfulness and Dave has some powerful insight in this area. You can expect his coaching on nutrition to be focused primarily on the head game that it is. A very honest, no-nonsense approach.

In his personal life, Dave lives the truth that movement is medicine and specifically, that playful adventures enhance our lives. He is a great resource for guidance and inspiration. Accordingly, Dave is co-founder of Horizon Line Personal Training.

- James Engum, Co-Owner