Strength Sessions Local Fatigue to Build Strong, Hard Muscles


Regardless of the method used, Strength Training works by creating local fatigue. Simply put, this means loading specific muscles and making them work until they are tired. There is a secondary effect on the cardiopulmonary system, but you typically rest between exercises so as to rally up for the next set.

Our approach to strength training runs against the grain when compared to what we refer to as "high volume" training. Most methods fall into the thinking, as with so many things, that "more is better." Accordingly, people will seek the time and energy to perform more exercises, more reps and more sets for more days of the week.

This leads to three main problems that the typical novice encounters:

  • Improper Technique.  Thinking that the amount, or volume of work is the key to success, little attention is paid to just "how" the exercises are being performed, leading to wasted time at best and an injury at worst.
  • Insufficient Intensity.  More and more, we as a culture are averse to hard work. This is why we see so many infomercials selling some silly machine as a way to get spectacular results with little to no effort. It is also why so many people underestimate the level of effort, or intensity that is required to get a result and simply do not work hard enough.
  • Overtraining.  Provided that someone navigates the waters of the first two problems, they often fall into the third--doing too much. Missing the point that it is the intensity of effort that acts as the trigger, many people try to add more volume, which leads to excessive wear and tear of joints and connective tissues and, over time, overwhelming the body's capacity to adapt.

What this looks like for most is something like this: At the New Year, or perhaps at the beginning of the school year or anniversary or reunion (you name it) you get really inspired to "get in shape." Then you go down to the local gym or health club and sign up, offering up your bank account numbers for a monthly withdrawal and paying the sign-up fees. For a couple of months, going from doing nothing to doing something, the results come pretty quickly and noticabely. But then things slow down. Having exhausted your knowledge (or worse, getting hurt) the activity becomes an exercise in ritualism and you lose motivation. Soon, getting to the gym is a chore and you start to go less and less, until you find yourself paying for something that you just don't use, perhaps until the next New Year, school year, reunion, etc... Sound familiar?

We propose our service as a solution to those problems. We will:

  • Insist on Impeccable Technique to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.
  • Teach you how to train harder by training smarter to ensure sufficient training intensity.
  • Schedule workouts at intervals that allow for recovery and adaptation to avoid overtraining.