Play Often We live in an Outdoor Recreation Mecca... Take Advantage.


”Exercising” is kind of a silly way to spend your time. When we talk about exercise, we are generally referring to physical activity that we undertake for the sake of getting some physical activity. Unfortunately, with our modern lives it is sometimes necessary to “exercise” since we are busy and sometimes we just can’t find the time to do things for pure enjoyment.

But what if we didn’t waste time in the gym? What if, instead of wasting our precious time on a treadmill (or some other human-gerbil machine) we actually went to play? Turns out that playing does more for our bodies and minds than exercise ever could. The latest in brain research backs this up. Rather than commit yourself to the drudgery of ticking off calories on some machine or keeping your eyes glued to a heart rate monitor, take a dance class, skiing class or learn to stand-up paddle. The list of opportunities to play is nearly endless--it’s why this place is so special.

The training you do with us makes this stuff more approachable and easier, but you do have to get out there and do it. You’ll find that just like Training Hard and Eating Smart, Playing Often becomes a healthy habit, something you want more of because you feel the benefit.


This might sound silly if you've lived here for a while, but check out the Bend Visitor's Center. They have done a good job of presenting an introduction to the area and the businesses that support our community's options for recreation.

Check out their website: Visit Bend

Another great resource is Bend Parks & Recreation. Here you'll find everything from lists of trail maps to classes to learn the basic skills you need to take advantage of everything out there. Take a look: Bend Parks & Recreation


We are not outfitters or instructors for the kind of activity that we are advocating here. There are a lot of folks out there already doing it and doing it well. We'd like to introduce you to them. Accordingly, we seek to develop relationships between their communities and ours.