Eat Smart What does that mean anyway?


There are 3 Problems that plague most people's effort:

1)  Hyperinsulinemia -Chronic over-secretion of insulin leading to weight gain, Metabolic Syndrome and eventually Diabetes.

2)  Chronic, Systemic Inflammation -Food additives, preservatives and processed oils yield an inflammatory response in your entire body, particularly the gastrointestinal tract.

3)  Deficiencies in Micronutrients -The low quality of our food means that we are missing some of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that we need for optimal health and performance.

We propose 3 Rules to follow to solve those problems

1)  Aim to Eat Only Whole, Unprocessed Foods -That is, real food. In order to make food fast, cheap and easy, industry has sacraficed quality for quantity. We have to look back to the way our grandparents and great-grandparents ate: Food that our bodies recognize and can metabolize properly.

2)  Break your Addiction to Starches and Sugar -If addiction sounds like a strong word to you, just try and go without any grain, corn or potato products and no sugar, cold-turkey, and see what kind of mental gymnastics it takes you on...

3)  Learn to Fuel Yourself -As opposed to entertaining yourself or comforting yourself. It means aking yourself: "what fuel do I need for the next few hours?" or "what should I eat so that my body can do what I'm asking it to do?"

There are 3 Steps to choosing any meal

1)  Choose Your Protein -Only animal sources (meat, eggs, dairy) offer a full amino-acid profile. Vegetables need to be combined. Fresh and organic are preferable to mass-produced.

2)  Choose Your Produce -The fresher and greater the variety, the better. You cannot get too many fresh vegetables, but be careful about fruit (sweet tooth can get the best of you).

3)  Choose Your Fat -Depending on your choice of protein (a lean chicken breast vs. a steak, for example) choose healthy fats to add to the meal. Fat is essential for nervous system function, vitamin absorbtion and satiety.